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Phoenix letter. Scam or not?


the phoenix letter fraud -->
The return policy offers nothing after 30 days but those that want their money back at 100% received it before the 30 trial ends. That fact is documented in many scam alert type websites all over the internet for potential investors to read up on. That is what a trial subscription is all about. Reading over the site for information, I am one person who found the wording and clearly states at the bottom of it's information page that a money back guarantee is offered for 30 days.


the phoenix letter fraud -->
Most investors that have posted information about the phoenix letter fraud are posting very positive things about the company itself. There are more stock investors that say the phoenix letter fraud is nothing more than investors losing money and not being happy about it. Some are even voting on overall experiences  with the phoenix letter, being better than any company they have ever dealt with.


the phoenix letter fraud -->
Reputation is important to every company, including They uphold the highest amount of integrity and do whatever they can to help all of their investors make money. The phoenix letter fraud cannot be true, then, due to hundreds of compliments of the company as well as each of them receiving letters as soon as they started their free trials. These people made money too, which is the reason the phoenix letter was started in the first place.


So, Phoenix letter. Scam or not? No way is this money making deal a scam. Even if some say it may be a poor choice as far as online investment companies go, the phoenix letter stands behind it's investing techniques and it's money back guarantee and 30 day trial.


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